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Catches of the fishing season 2019

catches 2019

I am mostly fishing on the beautiful Faroe Islands.
And had fantastic catch numbers in 2017 and 2018.

Unfortunately I never wrote down how many fish, on how many fishing days, and where I caught them.
So I started in 2019 – a year which was by far not as good as the other two before – with making notes about my catches.

Here are the numbers of the year 2019:

  • Sea Trout: 251
  • Brown Trout: 103
  • Wild Atlantic Salmon: 7
  • Rainbow Trout: 1
  • Char: 2
  • Flatfish: 2
  • Cod: 7
  • Saithe: 86

All fish caught on fly, all fish over 30 cm and 95% of all fish returned again.
April 2020
Januar 2020
November 2019

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