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Fly Fishing with Mauritia

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Gottlieb Boegner Str 44
D-63849 Rossbach
Tel: +49 (0) 179 121 5709

Faroe Islands:
Steinagerđi 1
FO 340 Kvivik
Tel: +298 580 822

Dear Visitors to my website - valued fly fishermen.

Thank you very much for your interest in my person.

"Just a word with you"
Of course, I get many inquiries if I can be booked as a guide.
But I do not want to act as an official guide, because as a German and a guest in this wonderful country I would like to respect the Faroese "privilege".
I find that guiding on domestic waters with tourists should be done exclusively by local anglers.

The situation is different with my work as a contact for the press and media.
I accompany subject-specific journalists and film crews free of charge as a knowledgeable and competent partner.
And it is important to convey reports about the Faroe Islands from the point of view of a guest, who appreciates the unspoiled waters and the tolerance of the Faroese to the deepest extent and is obliged to preserve them.

However, I have the opportunity as a landlady - which is also due to the fact that I live in the neighboring house and go fishing almost every day - to provide guests who stay with me at any time with lots of information, advice and timely proposals. In advance by email or "au lieu".
In this context, please understand that I am unable to support travellers not staying with me due to lack of time.

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