Fly Fishing with Mauritia
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Fly Fishing with Mauritia

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Mauritia Kirchner is a fly fisherwoman.
And only the passionate fisherman knows what that means: harmony between animals and nature, communication between people and land, understanding of culture and history.

More than 20 years ago, the Faroe Islands have become the second home of Mauritia. Since then, she has been regarded as a pioneer of respectful fishing tourism on the Isles and a first point of contact for interested travellers.

She supports the press and media representatives as a competent contact person.

Welcome on the website of Mauritia – a passionate fly fisher.

Get more information about Sportfishing on the Faroe Islands and in particular about

Fly Fishing on the Faroe Islands

on this website.

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Brown Trout fishing
on the Faroe Islands

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Fly Fishing
on the Faroe Islands

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Salmon Fishing
on the Faroe Islands

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Sea Trout fishing
on the Faroe Islands

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Sport fishing
on the Faroe Islands in genereal

A beautiful short film about Mauritia
by Paulius Neverbikas and Vytautas Jašauskas

More about the filmmaker on:
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Mauritia has written numerous articles about Fly Fishing, and has published a

who are looking for more information about sport fishing on the Faroe Islands.

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"Rute raus, der Spass beginnt" is the only fishing documentary series in German public television.
Mainly fishing grounds in Germany's north are presented.
Once a year Heinz Galling (moderator) and Horst Hennings (37 times German Champion and still European champion in boat fishing) are traveling abroad for a special show.

In September 2018 Mauritia and the Fensalir Lodges were part of the filming "Faroe Islands".
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is Germany's leading association for the support of disadvantaged children and adolescents by fishing.

In June 2017, their ambassadors came to the Faroe Islands through the initiative of Mauritia.

By publishing its annual fishing trips in the major German-language and foreign magazines, the association draws attention, collects donations and promotes new members.
If you are interested in my current fishing news,
you are very welcome to visit my Blog page.
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